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National Health Center Week

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As National Health Center Week is drawing to a close, we wanted to say thank you again to all those who do this work every week of the year. Your dedication to the communities you serve is something to be admired and replicated. At Adaptive, we work with numerous health centers across the US and read more…



IPHCA: Working To Increase Access To Care

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Community health centers provide accessible, comprehensive, high quality and integrated care to 28 million patients nationwide.  They offer medical, mental health, dental, pharmacy and other vital services that keep individuals healthy and out of the emergency room, driving significant savings to the U.S. healthcare delivery system.  A truly innovative model of care that has been read more…



Proving A Farm Can Redefine An Urban Community

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Have you ever heard of a “food desert?” Let our guest, Trog Trogdon, Vice President of Bonton Farms educate you on what it is exactly and why it matters. The work being done in the Bonton Community of Dallas is an excellent example of local residents taking action to better the health of a community. read more…



FREE LIVE VIDEO Webinar – “4 Factors Physicians Consider When Evaluating An Opportunity”

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Step inside the mind of a physician with Tim Ketterman!“ Date: Tuesday, July 23rd Time: 12-12:30 CST Presenter:  Tim Ketterman, VP of Operations Duration: Less than 30 minutes for your convenience Tim Ketterman, VP of Operations at Adaptive Medical Partners.  Tim is a dynamic speaker, most recently speaking at Tufts Health Plan and a national Chief Medical Officer Summit; read more…



Canaries in Society’s Coal Mine: The Untold Story of Physician Trauma

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While physician burnout is a hot topic in healthcare, another issue that is rarely discussed but of real concern with medical providers is trauma.  Usually reserved for discussion of patients in the ER or as a talking point after traumatic events the trauma we’re referring to today is that which some providers face when dealing read more…



Physician Recruitment Today and In The Future

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For today’s guest blog post, we have our own VP of Operations, Tim Ketterman, joining us.  From time to time, we will have someone from our team join us to take a peek behind the curtain. Tim has been with AMP for 6 years and in recruiting for over 15 years. We visited about his read more…



Emergency Medicine and Hospitalist Services: To Outsource or Bring In House?

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Guest Blog Post Series #6 With the physician shortage, hospitals across the country are developing strategies to help overcome their staffing shortages.  One specific area where this shortage can be felt on a day to day basis is with Emergency Medicine and Hospitalist services lines.  Organizations have found it necessary to supplement staffing and coverage read more…