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What our Clients and Physicians are saying:

Robert Ruiz, DDS

It is my pleasure to write a reference letter for Adaptive Medical Partners and the excellent treatment I received during my interview process.

My recruiter was very detailed about the interview process and explained every upcoming event to make sure I was prepared for the day of. They made sure my interview process went well at every step by making a personal phone call to me. If something needed more clarification, they took the extra step to do so for both parties involved. He showed concern about all details including helping us find work for my wife by getting work interviews in San Angelo before our arrival. In the final process of my interview, we met in person, face to face, and received valuable tips from our recruiter on how to conduct a smooth interview process with our potential employer. The tips were much appreciated since I had not interviewed in over 25 years. Adaptive Medical Partners offered written addresses, phone numbers and detailed maps on who to call to make my interview go very smoothly. My overall experience with AMP was excellent and the service I received was awesome.

I am very happy now working in my new job position here in San Angelo. I would recommend their services to any business for recruiting and finding new employees.

Anton Sisante, DO

I had the pleasure of obtaining my new position through the help of Adaptive Medical Partners and their recruiting team. Compared to recruiters from other firms I have connected with, Adaptive Medical Partners has been the most helpful and proactive in assisting me with my job search. Their knowledge of their clients through firsthand experience in meeting them gave me the confidence to trust that I would be the right candidate for the position. Moreover, they had been excellent in reaching out to prepare me prior to the interview for what to expect. This held true once I had my interview with the medical group and felt that who they were and what they offered met my expectations. I was able to successfully obtain a position with the group. Because of this, I can say there is no other firm I would trust in my job search apart from AMP.

Patrick George, DDS

I am writing this letter of recommendation for my experience with Adaptive Medical Partners. I first had contact with my recruiter in July when he contacted me regarding a placement opportunity in San Angelo. He worked very hard to make sure that this position was a good fit for me. He set up and interview and tour of the facility for me. He also arranged for me to meet with a local realtor to show me around the city and introduce me to several different areas of town that might be suitable for me to live. I found this to be a great experience. I have never worked with a recruiter that did so much and was so thorough. It was truly a great experience and I can recommend Adaptive Medical Partners very highly without any reservations what so ever. They are amazing!