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What our Clients and Physicians are saying:

HR Director, FQHC

Working with Adaptive has been such a positive experience from the beginning to the end. I say end because we were able to find the perfect fit for the position. At the beginning, we made a plan that included a timeline and process as to what we can expect. It turned out to be much faster than planned which was a bonus for us.

Colleen Ryan

I recently concluded a successful job search thanks to Adaptive Medical Partners. When I just began looking, I was inundated with recruiters and realized that many of them really knew very little about the jobs they were promoting and the physician market. Man had little to no knowledge on the facility they were representing. Adaptive’s recruiters, on the other hand, not only knew the job requirements, but were well acquainted with the community. I would not have considered this job if I had read about it in an advertisement. Adaptive was able to point out the aspects of the job that were unique and met my criteria. In actuality, it was the right job for me, but needed the right person to promote it. I also felt that the recruiter took the time to get to know me as a person, and understand what I was looking for. I felt that he was working for me as well as the hospital. I'm very happy with the results of our collaboration.

Jeffrey Day, MD

Adaptive Medical Partners went far and beyond what was required to make sure that my application process, interview, and employment securement went as smooth and hiccup free as possible. My recruiter was very caring, compassionate, and interested in regards to my needs, wants, and expectations. He worked very diligently and professionally to get me on the track to a new and exciting career where I can grow as a medical professional and learn new experiences. I simply was astonished at how much of a gatekeeper and coordinator he was in helping me make this transition. I felt secure in knowing that my recruiter was on my side and was looking out for MY best interest. This gave me such a piece of mind and satisfaction. As I am getting ready to transition into the role, I just reflect back on how easy he made this for me and how he treated me like I was his family, not just another customer.