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What our Clients and Physicians are saying:


My dealing with Adaptive and the recruiter assigned to me was by far and away much timelier and more professional than my previous experiences. Adaptive Medical Partners exceeded immeasurably any dealing I have had with other recruiting agencies including Merritt Hawkins whom we also worked with during this time.

Their attention to service and detail continued with constant check-ins to be sure all was moving along and they offered their assistance in any way to facilitate our move and transition.

Jeffrey Day, MD

Adaptive Medical Partners went far and beyond what was required to make sure that my application process, interview, and employment securement went as smooth and hiccup free as possible. My recruiter was very caring, compassionate, and interested in regards to my needs, wants, and expectations. He worked very diligently and professionally to get me on the track to a new and exciting career where I can grow as a medical professional and learn new experiences. I simply was astonished at how much of a gatekeeper and coordinator he was in helping me make this transition. I felt secure in knowing that my recruiter was on my side and was looking out for MY best interest. This gave me such a piece of mind and satisfaction. As I am getting ready to transition into the role, I just reflect back on how easy he made this for me and how he treated me like I was his family, not just another customer.

CEO, Hospital

Our recruiter with Adaptive Medical Partners was able to coordinate an onsite visit with our ideal candidate. This candidate is a perfect fit! Their toddlers would love the farm land and the wife wants horses.

Thank you again Adaptive for one of the best candidates I have met in over 10 years!