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Adaptive Medical Partners is proud to be named to the 2018 Inc. Magazine list of America's 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, our 3rd year in a row!

We thank all of our partner facilities, administrators, doctors, and internal team for helping us reach this awesome milestone.

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Communication with our recruiter has been very straightforward and easy and got the job done in only 38 days. In addition, we feel that the new Board Certified Internal Medicine Medical Director is a great fit for our medical staff and will thrive in the community.

CEO | Virginia Hospital

Being a Federally Qualified Health Center, we have our own unique challenges when trying to recruit physicians. Also, being located in rural western Kansas adds an additional challenge when trying to find new candidates. We only had to interview one candidate and our position was filled in 120 days.

CEO | Kansas FQHC

What I like about working with Adaptive is it's size and personal service. When I started working with them, Adaptive was in it's infancy and I found them to be extremely attentive to their client. Since it's beginning Adaptive has experienced tremendous success and growth. In fact, in 2016 Adaptive made Inc. Magazine's List of Fastest Growing Private Companies, (The Inc.5000)!

CEO | Rural Iowa

I found the Adaptive recruiter to be someone who worked hard for us, provided high quality candidates that fit our criteria, listened to our feedback and helped us close the deal. Most importantly, we have a great physician and we will continue to work with Adaptive Medical Partners.

VP of Physician Services | Nebraska Hospital

Okay, here's another cold call from a recruiting firm who will promise everything up front but fail to deliver on promises. Well, not so in this instance-within 30 days we had a candidate to interview and we extended an offer that was accepted and she will become a part of our community health center in December 2015.

CEO | Rural Oklahoma

The staff I have worked with at Adaptive Medical Partners are competent, diligent and above all, they recognize the urgency in successfully filling an opening. It has been a pleasure to work with them. I look forward to our continued professional relationship and will not hesitate to call upon them for future needs.

CEO | Arkansas Hospital

When I first began looking, I was inundated with recruiters. I realized that many of them really knew very little about the jobs they were promoting. They clearly had never been to the facility. Adaptive, on the other hand, not only knew what the job required, but knew the community.

Physician | Kentucky

This is one recruitment firm that you can trust to find a good qualified candidate and not waste your time with candidates that will not be a good fit for the hospital and community.

CEO | North Carolina Critical Access Hospital

This has been great in that Adaptive Medical Partners has functioned as an extension of the hospital in carrying out these tasks. Their teamwork and results orientation" are to be commended. They are extremely flexible and sensitive to our time limitations."

CEO | Texas Critical Access Hospital

It has been a lengthy process, but I am happy to announce that we would like to extend to you the attached award letter related to our RFP for recruitment and search assistance. Again, congratulations on being selected by the committee.

Director | "Major University" Texas

Although we were a bit apprehensive on using a retained firm, we found out quickly that we had chosen the best company and had success immediately in filling our need for an Emergency Medicine physician.

Medical Staff Coordinator | "Major University" Virginia

The healthcare industry moves at a breakneck pace and yet the Adaptive staff worked with my schedule, assisted me when necessary and initiated a great deal of contact to keep the process moving forward.

Executive Director | Nebraska FQHC

I would highly recommend Adaptive Medical Partners, an ethical firm that follows through with what they say they will, a rare find in today's world.

In-house Physician Recruiter | Iowa Hospital

Being a smaller company, Adaptive Medical Partners has created a professional working relationship with that hard to find" personal touch. The communication and dedication during the placement process is unmatched and their consistent follow up creates a smooth and successful transition for each new Physician."

CEO | Arkansas Hospital

Initially, I was evaluating a few different recruiting options but decided to go with Adaptive Medical Partners because they had a lot of success in recruiting physicians to rural markets. They had innovative ways for sourcing candidates and even some technology features that I hadn't seen before from other firms. They were very easy to work with and their customer service is second to none.

CEO | Kansas FQHC

The work ethic, professionalism and knowledge at Adaptive, in in my opinion, unmatched. I can honestly tell you that this is the only firm that I would contract with for a retained search. I have been in recruiting over twenty years, all of it in a rural setting, and I have more trust in this firm than any I have ever worked with.

Director of Physician Recruitment | Tennessee Hospital

I found the recruiter very helpful and communicative regarding options but I did not feel pressured to do more that I thought I could afford. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, budget is always a consideration and it is important to always maximize funds.

Executive Director | Nebraska FQHC

Because of their hard work, dedication, and success in placing our Orthopedic Surgery and Pediatric searches, Adaptive is now our top firm choice. The quality of candidates they placed with us was fantastic.

CFO | Arizona Hospital

Adaptive Medical Partners' approach is different - they truly care about their clients, have experienced recruiters, and focus on submitting quality candidates that are good fits for the practice and community.

CEO | Virginia Hospital

Adaptive are true professionals and made the often stressful and intense recruiting process smooth and efficient. We especially have been impressed by how attentive they are to detail and by their ready availability by phone and e-mail.

Physician | Kentucky

We recently engaged Adaptive to help with a search to fill a very critical Emergency Department need. In less than four months, we have signed agreement and start date with a great physician.

CEO | Alabama Hospital

We are a rural community and Adaptive was able to find two quality candidates with leadership experience within 60 days of starting the search.

VP of Physician Services | Nebraska Hospital

Not only did Adaptive understand our needs, but they took into consideration our financial position and really demonstrated that they understood the mission and vision that FQHC health centers provide. Adaptive's ability to think outside the box not only impressed me, but our administration team as well.

Executive Director | Arizona FQHC

We were assigned a recruiter with several years of experience and very knowledgeable about recruiting for a rural hospital. He was quick to provide information and very courteous to me and the physician candidates we identified. Together we developed a strategy and a process for finding the right physician for our community. We were able to identify a physician within two months which worked out to be the right fit for our situation.

CEO | Rural Alabama

We have many opportunities to contend with, negative public relations regarding border issues, Arizona being perceived as a non-Hispanic welcoming area and with these negatives Adaptive was able to not only find us a highly qualified provider but put icing on the cake by finding a second provider all within a period of two months.

Director of Human Resources | Arizona Critical Access Hospital

Thanks to Adaptive Medical Partners, we have secured the following physicians in our facility: Orthopedic Surgery, Urology, Oncology, and a General Surgeon (Breast Surgeon). We have had great success with our physicians due to the expertise of Adaptive Medical Partners recruiters.

COO | Kentucky Hospital

Adaptive has always approached our vacancies with energy, patience and I know they have gone above and beyond to ensure we have a good fit for our facility.

Director of Human Resources | Arizona Critical Access Hospital

I have developed a high degree of trust with their team and can recommend them wholeheartedly. They have intense focus coupled with a personable way of discussing goals and issues. I have enjoyed our working relationship and look forward to a long term relationship with them.

CEO | Texas Critical Access Hospital

Adaptive has more than lived up to the hype. I find myself willingly adding to it!

CEO | Rural Texas

In less than three months, Adaptive Medical Partners already had two board certified Family Practitioners signed and committed to come work for us. Both of the physicians have experience, maturity, outstanding Christian values and character.

Chief Medical Officer | Tennessee FQHC

Adaptive understands the needs of rural hospitals and they will not send a candidate unless they are a good fit for the community and hospital.

CEO | North Carolina Critical Access Hospital

We have very high standards for the physicians we bring into our organization, not only from a clinical standpoint but also in terms of values, integrity, and faith. Adaptive Medical Partners has followed through on their word and I am very pleased with the providers they have placed with us thus far.

Chief Medical Officer | Tennessee FQHC

We partnered with Adaptive Medical Partners based on our strong belief in their ability to recruit challenging specialties in equally challenging areas. They came to us highly recommended by several respected facilities and not only have they lived up those references, but have far exceeded them.

Senior VP | Arizona Hospital

While being affiliated with Adaptive, we have been able to place in a relative short period of time a Radiologist, Oncologist, and a General Surgeon. We are also poised to sign a solo practice Neurologist that has been an Adaptive recruit approximately two months. We have been looking for this position with other firms for approximately three years.

Director of Medical Staff Service | Kentucky Hospital

During the on-site interview visit, Adaptive kept in touch to make sure that everything was going smoothly for both of us and when we returned home, they quickly followed up by presenting the letter of intent for employment.

Physician | Florida

Our relationship with Adaptive Medical Partners has been a great move for our physician recruitment efforts. We have placed one very difficult search and have had several good candidate interviews for another search. I look forward to continued success with Adaptive.

CEO | Tennessee Hospital

I felt that Adaptive took the time to get to know me as a person, and to understand what I was looking for. I felt that they were working for me as well as the hospital.

Physician | Kentucky

Over the last 8 years I have worked with different types of firms on many physician searches and I can without reservation say, this has been the best and most successful over that period. Our location in a rural area has always presented a challenge, as well as the fact that I was recruiting for a unique role in a community hospital emergency department, with a specific target of what the family medicine candidate's background and experience required.

CEO | Alabama Hospital

Your calls to "check in" and see if we needed anything were appreciated, it showed your professionalism went beyond matching me to the position, and that you were truly concerned that the move was a good one for me and my family.

Physician | Kentucky

I just wanted to check in & let you know I really enjoyed meeting Jordan today. I love her energy & I look forward to working with her! Thank you for pairing us with a good recruiter!

CEO | Rural Texas

The candidates Adaptive sent us were qualified and excellent candidates. I am excited that we found our perfect match with the second candidate. That is an amazing accomplishment in a field such as pediatrics.

Administrator | "Major University" Tennessee

Over the last thirty years, I have worked with numerous recruitment agencies and have personally recruited dozens of physicians. However, as you know, it is getting more and more difficult to recruit solo physicians to small rural communities. Upon contracting with Adaptive Medical Partners, we had three very viable candidates presented to us for site visits, and within five months from initial contact we signed a Board Certified physician for our community.

Administrator | Alabama Critical Access Hospital

I have known the leadership team at Adaptive Medical Partners for a number of years and have always been impresses with their integrity, honesty, and uncanny ability to get me the right candidate for my job.

In-house Physician Recruiter | Iowa Hospital

Adaptive's understanding of rural hospitals allows them to identify candidates that are a true match, and they will not waste your time sending unqualified candidates.

Director of Physician Recruitment | Tennessee Hospital

Having worked with many recruitment firms over the past several years, it was most refreshing when Adaptive was assigned the task of serving as our recruitment firm. Adaptive Medical Partners will continue to be our first choice in recruitment agencies and it is without trepidation that we recommend their services.

Human Resource Manager | Alabama FQHC

Without Adaptive Medical Partners and their recruiting success, I am confident we would still be looking for a physician.

Medical Staff Coordinator | "Major University" Virginia

Their knowledge and experience was evident from the initial profile visit and throughout the life of our searches. You would be hard pressed to find a better firm.

Senior VP | Arizona Hospital

Adaptive's years of experience showed in how quickly they were able to find a good match for me professionally, and for accommodating our personal preferences for the community we wanted to live in.

Physician | Pennsylvania

There has been almost daily communication between our hospital and Adaptive Medical Partners. Needless to say, we are very pleased.

CEO | Texas Critical Access Hospital

Adaptive took the time to come on site, get a feel for our hospital and our community, and educate themselves on our services and offerings. They do an excellent job screening the candidates before they are sent for review. At this time, Adaptive has successfully placed 6 providers (all 6 great MDs and still here today) and they continue to help us with additional needs.

CEO | Rural Virginia

Adaptive's follow up is timely, straightforward, consistent, and meaningful. Most importantly, they place doctors. If they can get the job done in our remote rural setting on the high plains, I'm sure they can do the same for you.

CEO | Kansas Critical Access Hospital

I have worked with Adaptive Medical Partners, Inc. for recruiting physicians at two separate hospitals over the past five years. We have placed several physicians through their recruitment efforts and every candidate that they have presented was a good fit for our community.

CEO | North Carolina Critical Access Hospital

I've been in this business since 1989 and they have been the best I have ever worked with and I've worked with some of the largest recruiters in the nation.

Above all, they are honest and credible people and unfortunately those traits are not the norm anymore.

CEO | Rural Oklahoma

We made the decision to use Adaptive Medical Partners after several interviews and reference checks. We have used contingent firms for years and have struggled with identifying candidates that would be a good fit for our hospital and our community. Adaptive took the time to understand our needs, which has paid off in the type of candidates that they present.

CEO | Tennessee Hospital

Having recruiters that are available and dedicated to meeting our needs shows us their commitment to serving our hospital. The working relationship that has been created with Adaptive Medical Partners and out internal recruiting team has been the key to our success.

COO | Kentucky Hospital

In the three years that I have personally worked with Adaptive, they have successfully recruited for our rural 59 bed hospital.

CEO | Arizona Hospital

Our community is now being seen by well qualified "top-notch" providers and they owe Adaptive Medical Partners a big "Thank You" for bringing care to our community.

Director of Human Resources | Arizona Critical Access Hospital

Thank you Adaptive for all the hard work you put (and are putting) into making our trip to the opportunity smooth, pleasant, and successful. We truly appreciate Adaptive's help in finding our new home.

Physician | Kansas

Recruiting for physicians has never been more difficult. The expectations of candidates, and the hospitals and practices recruiting them, have never been higher. Adaptive Medical Partners is a small firm that will truly care about your needs.

CEO | Kansas Critical Access Hospital

This level of preparation at the front end pays off in a productive site visit by candidates, such as our Internal Medicine candidate who signed a letter of intent less than two weeks after his only site visit last fall, and is already one of the most popular physicians on our five member medical staff.

CEO | Kansas Critical Access Hospital

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