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Docs: Debunk the Stigma of a Recruiter

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Docs: Debunk the Stigma of a Recruiter

Consider what you and your fellow doctors think about physician recruiters. Chances are, you don’t believe they are in fact superheroes.

Debunk the stigma of physician recruiters

Recruiters don’t often have the best reputation with doctors. Yet this stigma must be debunked because the good ones can help you tremendously. Here’s what you need to know:

Let’s debunk the myths

It would be a mistake to let a few bad apples represent the whole group. Good recruiters will make the extra effort to guarantee that you land the right job.

Here are some myths that exist in the healthcare industry about recruiters:

A recruiter aims for quantity, not quality

  • This isn’t true. Good recruiters value quality placements over simply closing out as many deals as possible. They understand their success depends as much on retention as the placement. In fact, most physicians don’t realize that recruiters are penalized if their candidates leave a practice early. Good recruiters work tirelessly to see that their physicians and hospitals succeed.

Recruiters cost doctors money

  • This simply isn’t a reality today, considering the job market. Good, honest recruiters don’t charge physicians fees or take a portion of the salary. They’re paid by the healthcare organization. Recruiters also won’t talk down your value. Their job is to analyze market trends to assure compensation is commensurate with practice expectations.

Recruiters are like used car salesmen

  • While physician recruiters benefit from having sales skills, they’re in the people business. They’re not used car salesmen looking to fill a position whether it’s a good fit or not. Reputable recruiters are consultative, more an adviser than a salesperson, who will take the time to get to know your personal and professional needs, preferences and goals. For instance, Adaptive Medical Partners has launched its proprietary AMP Score™, an interactive, data-driven tool that provides immediate feedback to our clients, helping them determine how recruitable their open positions are. This enables us to advise the facility managers on what they need to change to better suit the needs of current physicians.

Don’t let these myths prevent you from going to a recruiter. Good recruiters are there to help. After all, your success in the job search process means they succeed, too.

Why a physician recruiter can help

Look around the healthcare industry. You’ve probably read reports about increasing dissatisfaction among doctors. Physician burnout is particularly high, with nearly 60 percent of those in emergency medicine stating they feel drained. Clearly, you could end up at the wrong organization if you’re not careful.

Having a recruiter on your side to optimize the job search process can benefit you greatly. With their grasp of the prevailing market trends and experience in understanding your needs, a reputable recruiter can effectively filter out undesirable positions, negotiate salary and benefits, locate the right cultural fit, and secure a practice opportunity that is right for you and your family.