AMP Score™
A comprehensive and free interactive tool to help you determine just how recruitable your open positions are. AMP Score™ is the new industry standard.
By looking at key factors that impact your ability to recruit providers to your community combined with market and specialty driven data we are able to determine your AMPscore™.

  • Your AMP Score™ can help your organization to plan or alter your current physician recruitment strategy
  • By using your AMP Score™, you can quickly determine how attractive you are in the competitive physician market.

AMPScore - The industry standard in healthcare recruiting

The Adaptive Medical Partners executive team has over 40 years of physician recruitment experience and has both analyzed market data and conducted extensive research to create the new industry baseline in physician recruiting. By studying physician data like job change habits, evaluating national trends, and analyzing different markets across the US; we have been able to create a unique and interactive tool to serve as a barometer to better understand the most important common physician trends when considering relocation.

You’ll quickly and easily be able to see how individual facilities or groups may compare to other healthcare organizations across the United States.
Do you know your AMP Score™?