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Top 7 Interview Tips for Hospital Admins

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Top 7 Interview Tips for Hospital Admins

  1. Modern physician recruiting is as much about selling your practice and community as it is anything else.  Physicians can choose between, literally, thousands of opportunities, so be prepared to convince a physician why they need to join your practice.
  2. If a candidate is potentially relocating from another location you are recruiting the spouse (more) than you are recruiting the provider.  This means you need to sell the community just as much as the practice.  Plan activities for the spouse so she is educated and excited about making the move.
  3. If you have questions about a candidate’s background or work history – ask.  Don’t invest the time and financial resources to interview a candidate and then let them leave without addressing your concerns.
  4. Involve staff and providers who are in favor of recruitment and will positively represent your facility.  Nothing can scare away candidates faster than the disgruntled staff that are eager to share negative feelings about their experience with your practice.
  5. Be honest.  This is a big decision for all parties so make sure you are accurate with the information you share.  If you want the physician to be there long term they need to know exactly what they are getting in to, good and bad.
  6. The devil is in the details.  Make sure all the practice details, specifically the financial package, are worked out before a candidate gets on site.  The consensus on why you are recruiting, salary, contact term, RVU factor, RVU threshold, quality bonus and how it is determined, CME Allowance, Call Schedule, and expected patient volumes are just a few of the items a reputable recruiting firm should advise every organization know before they start recruiting.  Nothing impresses a candidate more than an organization that is organized and prepared for their visit.  Subsequently, nothing will turn off a candidate faster than interviewing with an organization who can’t answer even the simplest of questions during an onsite visit.
  7. Tailor each visit to the candidate’s needs.  Ten years ago, we could interview multiple candidates and pick the best one.  Now, the market has shifted, and the candidate is in control, often evaluating multiple offers and picking the best one.  If you are conducting stock routine visits for every candidate, or worst yet just winging it…you are already behind the eight ball.  A reputable recruiting firm should be able to help you tailor each visit to the specific needs of the candidate, the candidate’s spouse and family.