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Physicians: Why You Would (and Would Not) Want to Use a Recruiter

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Physicians: Why You Would (and Would Not) Want to Use a Recruiter

If you have never used the services of a recruiter or have not had the most positive experiences with recruiter services, then you might not realize what an asset a good recruiter can be to you. In some situations, physician recruiters are particularly advantageous. Here are a few of the benefits to using a physician recruiter, as well as a few things to watch out for.

Benefits of Using a Recruiter

True, you could take complete control of your own job search and do all the leg work yourself. Doing so, though, could be a time-consuming process – as well as a limited one.

Market Expertise

Experienced physician recruiters have extensive knowledge of the current market and hiring trends. When you work with a recruiter, you gain access to their informational resources, such as compensation surveys, typical employment agreements, average signing bonuses and more.

Expanded List of Job Openings

Not all available positions are publicly posted. Many healthcare organizations forego the typical recruiting process and opt instead to exclusively hire through a recruiting firm. When you use the services of a recruiter, you expand the number of job openings that are available to you.

Negotiation Skills

The physician recruiter can play the role of contract negotiator when it comes time to enter into an employment agreement. The recruiter seeks to fill positions with physicians who are the right fit and will stay with the hospital or practice for a long term. To help achieve that, the recruiter works to make sure the physician enters into a satisfactory agreement. Recruiters know what terms are non-negotiable, what industry standards permit, etc. They also have access to specialized legal resources that can review contract terms.

The job search process can be time-consuming. Handling the process yourself requires finding job listings, researching the hospital or healthcare organization, contacting the hiring party, scheduling interviews, making arrangements for travel if necessary, interviewing and negotiating terms of employment. With a recruiter, you simply need to interview in most cases, since they’ll take care of the practical details and arrangements.

Things to Know About Using a Recruiter

A recruiter’s services aren’t always necessary, and all recruiters are not equal. Before working with a recruiter, consider the following.

Never Pay for a Recruiter’s Services

Physicians are in high demand and should never be asked to pay a fee to a recruiter for her services. The organization seeking to fill positions bears the burden of the recruitment costs.

Using a Recruiter Isn’t Always Necessary or Helpful

If you are seeking a position with a facility you already are familiar with, such as the site of your residency, then a recruiter probably won’t offer any added benefit. You already have the contacts and the insight. Additionally, if you are focused on a specific city already, then you could call around on your own and find opportunities yourself.

Premier physician recruiting services agency, like Adaptive Medical Partners, can prove to be an asset to your career, serving as a fact finder, acting as a liaison with hospitals and securing a good match for the physician and the recruiting party. Find out how AMP can work with and for you in your employment search.