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Physician Recruitment Strategy: Marketing Your Hospital or Group Practice

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The existing and anticipated shortage of physicians is common knowledge. This shortfall has created fierce competition among healthcare facilities, hospitals and group practices across geographic locations. Recruiting requires more than just a job description and attractive compensation package; you need to make your opportunity stand out. Healthcare administrators and recruiters need to learn how to present their position, facilities and communities favorably to attract physicians.

Understand the Competition

You can expect physicians to receive an abundance of job offers. Physicians are in such demand that in a recent report, half of the final-year medical residents surveyed received 100 or more job offers. That number of job offers is the highest reported since the survey began in 1991. Because of stiff competition, you must present your opportunity favorably, addressing the prospective physician’s priorities and presenting an appealing view of what your hospital or practice and the community offer.

Develop a Practice Profile

Every professional opportunity is defined by the practice setting, the surrounding community, and the compensation package. How you define these components sets your opportunity apart from others. A fully defined opportunity leads to better matches because candidates understand whether your community and practice are the right fit. The first step is the development of a practice profile, which should detail the basics, such as setting, patient volume, responsibilities, facilities and so on. Ultimately, though, you need to publicize the benefits of working there rather than just stating the operational features. Noting that your hospital is a Level 2 trauma center with 900 employees is not as compelling as pointing out the local school is one of the highest-rated nationally and the hospital has awards for innovation.

Answer the questions:

  • What makes your hospital or practice special?
  • What are your organization’s values?
  • Why do physicians want to work there?

Identify Community Benefits

A physician’s decision to practice in your community likely will depend at least in part on how the candidate, spouse and children feel about the community. Create a profile of your community that notes information a first-time visitor considering a move might want to know. Emphasize positive attributes, particularly those that are of importance to the candidate. The following are important factors that candidates and their spouses consider:

  • Housing options
  • Employment and volunteer opportunities for the spouse
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Schools for the children
  • Weather
  • Shopping and recreation opportunities

Develop Compelling Marketing Materials

Compelling marketing materials that convey organizational values assist in attracting applicants who will more likely fit your organization’s culture. Marketing materials also must be visually appealing and concisely informative to increase the chances candidates will review your opportunity and pursue the position.

Assemble a promotional packet for candidates that includes a cover letter, letter from the medical staff, description of the practice opportunity and materials about your community. The practice opportunity description should fully explain your opportunity and include the following items, in two pages or less:

  • Appealing graphics and attractive layout
  • Attractive font type
  • Short, bulleted statements
  • The unique selling point that sets your opportunity apart
  • The most appealing aspects of your opportunity
  • Details of the practice, including the community aspects
  • Contact details for both day and night

Do you have questions about promoting your practice to potential candidates? Contact Adaptive Medical Partners, premier physician recruiters, who know what features candidates value when exploring opportunities.