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Adaptive Medical Partners Revolutionizes Physician Recruiting With AMP Score™

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Physician Recruitment Firm Builds Advanced Tool to Help Healthcare Facilities Improve Hiring Process

Adaptive Medical Partners, a physician recruitment firm specializing in placing qualified physicians at suitable facilities, recently created AMP Score™. This interactive, data-driven tool enables healthcare facilities to see how recruitable their positions are.

Adaptive Medical Partners launched AMP Score™ to address pressing problems in healthcare recruitment, namely high turnover and an extremely competitive market. These issues have caused recruiters to push candidates that aren’t fit for their client’s needs. They’ve also forced healthcare facilities to hire applicants quickly — even unsuitable and unqualified ones — just to fill positions.

Adaptive Medical Partners analyzes key factors to determine the AMP Score™ of a healthcare organization, including specialty, location, salary and community amenities. The score that’s produced allows hospitals, clinics and healthcare offices to see how attractive they are in the physician market.

Of the proprietary tool Adaptive Medical Partners CEO Scott Edwards said, “The tool is designed to ensure high quality physician placement. We’re excited that administrators and physicians who have used AMP Score™ agree on the accuracy of the score. If you put your facility’s info in the tool, you’ll get a good idea of how desirable you are for open positions.”

AMP Score™ tool gives healthcare organizations insights into how to make their positions more attractive to talented physicians and can also ensure doctors find the positions they want. This way, everybody wins, and healthcare facilities can build teams that achieve their missions and goals.

To learn more about AMP Score™ and all of Adaptive Medical Partners services, call 888-885-5009 or send an email to For more information, visit the website at Or you may go to to get your free score now.

About Adaptive Medical Partners

Adaptive Medical Partners is a premier physician recruitment service with an executive team that has over 40 years of industry experience. The team has conducted extensive research to create a new industry baseline in physician recruiting. AMP Score™ is a revolutionary tool they’ve created to improve the hiring process in the healthcare industry.