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Adaptive Medical Partners Releases AMP SCORE™ 2.0

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Proprietary data-driven tool enables healthcare facilities to see how recruitable their positions are.


The popular online tool now helps healthcare executives see where they rank at the state, regional, and national level when recruiting a specialty. These comparable analytics have proven to be accurate, and require just a few minutes of form input about the hiring organization and facilities.

“We have received tremendous feedback from our clients and colleagues about the accuracy of the AMP Score,” says Scott Edwards, CEO of Adaptive Medical Partners, “and the benefit it brings by showing the organization where and how they need to improve their recruiting efforts. This new version is a great improvement with the ability to see how you compare with other organizations close to you, who are seeking to find the right physician for the job.”

AMP Score™ Quick Facts

-Over 100 institutions from across the United States have benefited from the AMP Score™ to date.
-The AMP Score™ version 2.0 lets you compare to your immediate competition for candidates.
-Only takes a few minutes to complete.
-Helps healthcare facilities understand where improvements are needed to hire the best candidates.

“Version 2.0 is a great improvement. This tool helps us, our clients, and anyone in the healthcare industry who needs to fill positions,” added David Fontenot, President of Adaptive Medical Partners. “But we are working on future versions of the AMP Score™ so that it becomes not only a beneficial tool for physician recruiting, but a necessary resource for physician recruiting.”

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