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In The News: Physician Burnout, Top 25 Women Leaders…

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Committed to making physician burnout a thing of the past, the AMA is tackling this issue. Read more here. Modern Healthcare Top 25 Women Leaders. Read more here. CVS unveils HealthHub store design. Read more here. 9 Physician specialties see a jump in compensation. Read more here. 5 Steps to help patients prevent diabetes. Read read more…



The Relationship between Physicians & Hospitals

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Physicians are like any other business professional. Just as the hospital has expectations of the physician, likewise, the physician has expectations of the hospital. In a time when recruiting has become more difficult than ever before, retention is a critical recruitment strategy hospitals should be focusing on. Knowing this, here are 8 things we know read more…



In The News: Baylor Scott & White, Memorial Hermann call off merger…

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Here are a few recent noteworthy stories in healthcare. Baylor Scott & White, Memorial Hermann end merger talks. After two months of talks, both organizations decided they were capable of achieving their own vision for the future without merging at this time. Read more here. Hospital price growth is driving healthcare spending. For inpatient care, hospital prices grew more than 42% from 2007 to 2014. Read more read more…



Where is Healthcare Headed?

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What does the future hold? All signs point to significant changes coming to the healthcare industry and soon.  Here are a few key markers that indicate change is on the way: – Intermountain Healthcare, Ascension, SSM Health and Trinity Health are working together to create a generic-drug company – Amazon, JPMorgan Chase, and Berkshire Hathaway read more…



Four Factors to Look at when Evaluating a Physician Opening

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Four-factor formula for evaluating Physician Positions With no perfect job truly existing, it’s almost unfair to use 100% as our target “job.” However, for math purposes, we will use 100% to keep things simple. When considering a job, it can help to break down such a significant decision into four categories, each equating for 25%. read more…



15 Physician Specialist Most In Demand Today

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It should be no surprise that Family Medicine tops the list of most in-demand specialties today.  Here is the complete list: Family Medicine Internal Medicine Emergency Medicine Psychiatry Obstetrics and Gynecology Neurology Radiology Gastroenterology Geriatrics Pediatrics Anesthesiology Urology General Surgery Orthopedic Surgery Pulmonology This list is a result of a study conducted by Doximity. You read more…



Top Challenges Physicians Face in 2018

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Across medical practices in the United States, physicians in all specialties operate in shared political and healthcare environments. Current conditions in the field of medicine have created some common challenges for providers and administrators in the healthcare industry. From uncertainty about the future landscape of healthcare to added administrative burden brought about by recent changes read more…