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Top 5 Most Talked about Healthcare Tools

Matt Davis | Healthcare Information, Medical Technology

Time doesn’t stand still, especially in the medical community. Every single day, advances are being made in the fields of medicine and technology that have the potential to dramatically change the course of history-making daily practice easier, while also having far-reaching effects on the lifestyles of patients and doctors alike. Top 5 Most Talked about read more…



The Consumerization of Healthcare

Matt Davis | Healthcare Administrators, Healthcare Information, Medical Technology

The consumerization of healthcare is forcing clinics to take a closer look at their marketing efforts. Historically, FQHCs marketing budgets are but a fraction of their operating income. With this, we wanted to pass along a few FREE marketing tools and resources that will be an asset to your marketing toolbox. Tools Databox – Databox read more…



9 Healthcare Innovations That Changed the Medical Field in 2018

Matt Davis | Healthcare Information, Healthcare News, Medical Technology

Year after year, researchers and scientists develop and refine technology in ways that allow modern medicine access to new realms, opening the door for solutions once deemed impossible. In 2018, groundbreaking advancements took place in the fields of gene editing, diet tracking, and wearable sensors, setting the stage for a host of developments in the read more…



Could the Netflix Model Be Good for Healthcare?

Adaptive Medical Partners | Medical Technology, Physician Recruiting

Healthcare spending has increased from $355 per person in 1970 to $10,348 in 2016, according to Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker. If calculated in constant 2016 dollars, this increase has been nearly six-fold (from $1,762 in 1970 to $10,348 in 2016). With healthcare spending increasing at a much faster rate than GDP and real wages, something has read more…



Training Physicians on New Technology

Adaptive Medical Partners | Healthcare Administrators, Medical Technology

Think about this: Medical nanobots could be used to do everything from fight cancer and clean out arteries to deliver drugs and perform delicate procedures. It almost sounds like something out of a science fiction film, doesn’t it? Microscopic robots could be swimming through our bodies, helping make the treatment of diseases more effective and less invasive. read more…



How Technology Can Improve the Patient Experience

Adaptive Medical Partners | Healthcare Administrators, Medical Technology

Thanks to new therapies and new discoveries, medicine and how we practice it is evolving constantly. Practitioners must be open to utilizing advances in technology if they want to maximize their effects on patients, their communities and the healthcare industry as a whole. Here’s how technology is already improving the patient experience: Technology is changing read more…