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15 Physician Specialist Most In Demand Today

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  It should be no surprise that Family Medicine tops the list of most in-demand specialties today.  Here is the complete list: Family Medicine Internal Medicine Emergency Medicine Psychiatry Obstetrics and Gynecology Neurology Radiology Gastroenterology Geriatrics Pediatrics Anesthesiology Urology General Surgery Orthopedic Surgery Pulmonology This list is a result of a study conducted by Doximity. read more…



3 Healthcare Hot Topics to Watch in the 2018 Midterm Elections

Matt Davis | Healthcare Administrators, Healthcare Information, Healthcare News

Disclaimer: Adaptive Medical Partners is not advocating for any position in this post.  We are simply providing insight on how the mid-term elections outcome could affect healthcare. The outcome of the 2018 midterm elections has the potential to mold and recalibrate the next round of healthcare policy in dynamic, enduring ways. While studies show that read more…



9 Healthcare Innovations That Changed the Medical Field in 2018

Matt Davis | Healthcare Information, Healthcare News, Medical Technology

Year after year, researchers and scientists develop and refine technology in ways that allow modern medicine access to new realms, opening the door for solutions once deemed impossible. In 2018, groundbreaking advancements took place in the fields of gene editing, diet tracking, and wearable sensors, setting the stage for a host of developments in the read more…



Why hospitals should work with and invest in healthcare startups

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Healthcare startups received $15 billion in investments in the first half of 2018, making the industry the second biggest source of venture capital money after internet companies. Considering the healthcare sector makes up nearly 18% of national GDP, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Not only can a successful startup generate lots of revenue, they can also read more…



How Wearables Can Improve Healthcare

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Wearables have become the most convenient way to track fitness and health stats. From counting steps and calories burned to monitoring blood pressure and tracking sleep patterns, health apps on your smartphone and smartwatch can tell you just how good of shape you’re in–and whether or not you need to take action to improve your read more…



Healthcare Engineers: A Wide-Open Field

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When most hear the term “engineer,” healthcare is not the first field that comes to mind. Those claiming the title “engineer” are traditionally employed in a multitude of disciplines, such as chemical, civil, mechanical, industrial or environmental. But there is a much broader niche employing engineers of all disciplines. The need for healthcare engineers will read more…



How States Rank in the Healthcare Shortage

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Projections and predictions of future healthcare provider shortages in the United States continue to loom, with updated figures from the Association of American Medical Colleges anticipating the demand for physicians will exceed supply by a range of 42,600 and 121,300 by 2030. Currently, though, many places already experience the shortage; more than 6,700 geographic areas, populations and facilities read more…



Adaptive Medical Partners Releases AMP SCORE™ 2.0

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Proprietary data-driven tool enables healthcare facilities to see how recruitable their positions are. DALLAS (PRWEB) JULY 12, 2018 The popular online tool now helps healthcare executives see where they rank at the state, regional, and national level when recruiting a specialty. These comparable analytics have proven to be accurate, and require just a few minutes read more…