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How a Trade War Could Affect the US Healthcare Industry

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According to some experts, the United States is already in a full-blown trade war. The government has recently imposed significant tariffs on China, Canada, and Europe and has threatened more, particularly on China. In fact, the President recently threatened to put tariffs on all 500 billion plus products the US imports from China. Already, these tariffs are read more…



Why There is a Psychiatrist Shortage — and What to Do About It

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Physicians are in shortage everywhere, and the lack of psychiatrists is particularly severe. According to The National Council for Behavioral Health “The coverage of, and increasing demand for, psychiatric services is occurring at the same time as a growing shortage of outpatient and inpatient programs.” An insufficient number of psychiatrists causes problems for the U.S. read more…



Making Sense (and Making Fun) of Medical Record Documentation

Adaptive Medical Partners | Healthcare Information

Making Sense (and Making Fun) of Medical Record Documentation Growing up you might have been warned that any bad behavior would go on your permanent record; as a grown-up you’ve probably realized that was an empty threat used to encourage children’s positive behavior. There is no permanent record. Unless you count your medical record. A read more…