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15 Physician Specialist Most In Demand Today

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  It should be no surprise that Family Medicine tops the list of most in-demand specialties today.  Here is the complete list: Family Medicine Internal Medicine Emergency Medicine Psychiatry Obstetrics and Gynecology Neurology Radiology Gastroenterology Geriatrics Pediatrics Anesthesiology Urology General Surgery Orthopedic Surgery Pulmonology This list is a result of a study conducted by Doximity. read more…



Avoid These Common Scenarios in the Interview Process

Matt Davis | Healthcare Administrators, Healthcare Information, Physician Recruiting

In a recent dialogue with Dan Jones, Associate Director of Recruiting here at AMP, we discussed several scenarios in the interview process that occur on a regular basis that doesn’t serve the candidate or employer well. Below are some things that may prevent success during your hiring process. 1. Not engaging the staff and key read more…



The Consumerization of Healthcare

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The consumerization of healthcare is forcing clinics to take a closer look at their marketing efforts. Historically, FQHCs marketing budgets are but a fraction of their operating income. With this, we wanted to pass along a few FREE marketing tools and resources that will be an asset to your marketing toolbox. Tools Databox – Databox read more…



3 Healthcare Hot Topics to Watch in the 2018 Midterm Elections

Matt Davis | Healthcare Administrators, Healthcare Information, Healthcare News

Disclaimer: Adaptive Medical Partners is not advocating for any position in this post.  We are simply providing insight on how the mid-term elections outcome could affect healthcare. The outcome of the 2018 midterm elections has the potential to mold and recalibrate the next round of healthcare policy in dynamic, enduring ways. While studies show that read more…



Why hospitals should work with and invest in healthcare startups

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Healthcare startups received $15 billion in investments in the first half of 2018, making the industry the second biggest source of venture capital money after internet companies. Considering the healthcare sector makes up nearly 18% of national GDP, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Not only can a successful startup generate lots of revenue, they can also read more…



Ways to Use Social Media and How to Handle Reviews

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The various social media platforms can be powerful tools in both active and passive recruiting for your hospital, healthcare facility or other organizations. Social media also can be used against you, such as in the form of negative online reviews. Social media has become a key component of how your practice is perceived by current read more…



Encouraging and Preparing Providers to Volunteer in Emergencies

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Disasters happen. And though hospitals, health systems, clinics and other healthcare facilities cannot with certainty know what emergencies they and their communities will experience, they certainly can plan for in case of emergency. Most healthcare entities are even required to prepare for emergency situations and disaster circumstances. Key to any emergency preparation are the physicians, read more…



4 Ways Hospitals Can Reduce Costs

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National healthcare spending as a share of US GDP is expected to reach nearly 20% by 2025, up greatly from a mere 5% in 1960. This is placing lots of pressure on those that are footing the bill: governments, businesses, taxpayers, and individuals. And it’s a tremendous burden on the greater economy. Exorbitant costs are placing read more…