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How the Doctor Shortage is Affecting Patients

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A shortage of physician supply poses many problems for patients. It is something worth studying because the problem is not about to go away. And there is a greater demand for physicians than the healthcare training system can provide. The Association of American Medical Colleges says that there will be a physician shortage numbering between read more…



Evaluating Current Staff Performance and Plans

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Your hospital or clinic administration probably can tell you how many providers and support staff are employed and under contract. But do you know how productive these providers are? How well they perform? What are their short- and long-term goals, professionally and personally? If you cannot answer these questions, then you do not have a read more…



Using the Right Tools to Reach Residents

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Given the current and projected physician shortage in the United States, recruiting medical residents is an increasing challenge for hospital administrators, group practice leadership and other health facilities. Competition for these physicians can be fierce, since there are fewer available doctors than open positions: Recent figures estimate a shortage of 34,600 to 88,000 doctors by 2025. Physicians are in read more…



MD Vs. DO Vs. ND

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We’re all familiar with the terms “doctor” and “physician.” Many of us may use the term “MD” interchangeably with these terms. However, not all physicians are an MD. There are actually three different paths a person can take to become a physician. There are differences in both training and philosophy for each of these degrees. read more…



How Technology Can Improve the Patient Experience

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Thanks to new therapies and new discoveries, medicine and how we practice it is evolving constantly. Practitioners must be open to utilizing advances in technology if they want to maximize their effects on patients, their communities and the healthcare industry as a whole. Here’s how technology is already improving the patient experience: Technology is changing read more…



Critical Thinking Skills and Physician Hiring

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Critical thinking is the ability to take in information and skillfully analyze, assess and reconstruct it. Through this process a person makes the information into a tool that can be used to innovate or problem solve. This allows people to build upon ideas and create new knowledge that can’t be memorized from a textbook or a read more…



Partnering with Community Health Centers

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Across the country, healthcare organizations grapple with changes following implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the shift toward value-based reimbursement models, an increasingly aging population and pressures to streamline care while improving the quality of and access to that care. Partnering with a community health center can help hospitals address some of these issues and read more…



Ways to Integrate Doctors in the Decision-Making Process

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We need business acumen in healthcare.  And we demand clinical expertise in healthcare. Each of these functional silos, and every silo supporting these two fundamental areas, delivers operational efficiency through strong working relationships and trust – within the groups. But across groups, communication and achievement of organizational goals can be challenging, because silos may become focused on singular objectives. read more…